Spring Program Registration will open on Tuesday March 2, 2021 at 9:00 am.

We will be following all Covid-19 protocals as before.

Registration can be done:
In person or by phone 902-463-9276.
Payment can be made in person by E-Transfer, Cash, Debit, Visa or Mastercard
By phone with E-Transfer, Visa or Mastercard


 Stay Safe and Healthy


Covid-19 Participant Information

Controlling access to North Woodside Community Centre is of paramount importance. Once an instructor or participant has accessed the Centre, maintaining appropriate social distancing is a requirement of the Centre and its instructors. I would like to emphasize that our Centre prides itself on hosting quality programs and providing a safe environment for all of our participants and rental groups. Our instructors are to provide quality customer service, supervise their programs and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Our Building Staff responsibilities when preparing for a program within the Centre:

Ø  Building Staff arrive 30 minutes before a program begins to open the North Woodside Community Centre.

Ø   Building Staff must prepare room for each class (ie: no broken glass or debris, furniture is put away, floor is clean, all is sanitized, etc.)

Ø  Once the room has been opened by the Building Staff (no earlier than 15 minutes before class is to start) participants are then free to enter the room and wait within their space in the room for class to begin.

Ø  With Covid 19 there will be no waiting in the hallways, benches have been removed. Children can be accompanied to their designated room if needed; parent must then leave the Centre and wait outside for child to finish.

  Participant responsibilities when taking part in a program.

·        The Centre is a private recreational centre.  All programs of the Centre are closed programs once registration is completed.  No drop-ins are allowed.   Participants of NWCC programs are expected to wear a mask in all common areas of the Centre (such as hallways, stairways and washrooms). Masks can be taken off when you are in your space in the room, unless instructor requires the masks to remain on for the entire class.

·       The North Woodside Community Centre will social distance all participants in class regardless of the 10 bubble rule as a precaution.  It is up to the individual if they feel more comfortable wearing a mask.

·         Plexiglas has been installed at front office to increase staff safety/as well as participants.



·         As soon as you enter the Centre through the front doors you must sanitize your hands. The sanitizer is to the right of the front door. Staff will then require you to sign in with your signature and date confirming that you have not;


              811 Questions:

              Traveled outside Nova Scotia?

              Any following symptoms: Fever (ie Chills, sweats), Cough or worsening of a previous cough,

              Difficulty breathing. Been in contact with anyone positive Covid-19?

              Awaiting a Covid-19 test result?

·       You will then go directly, following arrows to your designated room and go to your space (with all your personal belongings in a bag) where you will be 6 feet away from next participant.

·         Participants are to come in proper clothing for program; you cannot use washroom or hallway to change.

·         All participants on the main level will use the main washrooms. Participants in the gym have access to the washroom in the gym.

·         There will be no more than 10 people (including instructor) in each room.

·         Participants may bring in own equipment and at end of class equipment must be taken home.

·         No shared equipment/ Centre will not provide equipment (unless otherwise stated)

·         Class must end on time as rooms need to be sanitized before next group can enter.

·         Participants, upon ending of class, will immediately leave using designated exit taking own equipment with them. If you are in a room on the main level you will exit on the south side of the Centre leading to the large parking lot. If you are in the gym you will leave through the gym door.


v  Note if you are not feeling well please do not come to class. Call the Centre at 902-463-9276 and say you will not be there and staff will let the teacher know.

Social distancing guidelines

·         Keep 2 metres (6 ft.) from each other. 

·         Follow all floor markings to separate and direct customers and clients.

NWCC Signage and Decals


      Screening signage at entrances

      Staying healthy / prevent spread posters throughout the facilities

      Do Not Enter/ Stay Home when ill signage

      Social distancing diagrams

      Good hand washing posters

      Staying informed – Provincial and Public Health Resources

      Entrance and Exit only signs

      Social distancing floor decals, way-finding arrows


Parking at the Centre

The large parking lot (South Side) is where participants are allowed to park when coming to the Centre for a program you have registered for day or evening.

There are approximately 58 parking spots. Parking is also available on the side streets

The small lot (North side) during the day (8:00-4:00 pm) is with permit only.  There are 2 wheelchair accessible spots on this side. In the evening this lot can be used.

Thank you for registering for our Programs.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time at 463-9276.


Kindest Regards,

Kim Carver

Program Coordinator




 Program Policies
Before you call  or come into the Centre to register please thoroughly review our program policies listed below.

Registration made in person payment can be made by Cash, Debit or MasterCard/Visa, e-transfer, no cheques. Registration over the phone payment can be made by Visa, MasterCard or e-transfer.Registration online payment can be made by Paypal, Visa or MasterCard

For more information: Email, or drop by at 230 Pleasant Street in Dartmouth , or call 902-463-9276
*Programs are non-refundable. except for medical reasons accompanied with a medical slip, or if program is cancelled by NWCC.*
Classes will only run if a minimum number of participants are achieved. Do not wait until the last minute to register!
When Registration is made by phone or in person all behavior forms for children's program and waivers for both children and adults must be signed and received within 7 days of registering.
Note: If a class is cancelled because of weather or due to instructor's illness, class will be made up at the end of the original session end date or original class time may be extended. If multiple cancellations occur due to weather, classes will be made up during that session. Refunds are not issued for storm cancellations or instructor's illness
Programs cannot be prorated.


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