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The building has the capacity to service a wide variety of functions including recreation and community programs, meeting space, conferences and receptions. Please use the Links to the right to learn more about any of the multi-function spaces available.

Renting the Centre

Due to Covid-19 limited participants allowed in both classrooms and Gym. Rooms for Birthday Parties and Showers are not available at this time.  Please call the Centre for more information!
Need a room for a meeting place, birthday party, shower or a gym to practice floor hockey, basketball or soccer in? Looking for a place to run a karate, art or music class? Well, the Centre is the place to come! We rent our gym and classrooms to the public for just those reasons. It’s a great place to be and the prices are right. The Centre is available for weddings and large social functions after regular closing hours.
Note: The Centre does not allow adult birthday parties.  Birthday parties are allowed for children ages 1-12 and youth ages 13-16.  Youth dances parties are only allowed in one of our multi purpose rooms located on the upper level.  Maximum youth allowed is 25 and there must be one adult for every 8 children. Adults must remain in the room with youth for the entire length of party.  
Jump Tents/Inflatables: Due to Covid-19 Jump Tent Parties are not available. There are strict rules in Nova Scotia governing inflatable equipment.  All inflatable equipment must be certified and a certified operator must be present when inflatables are being used.  Only companies that adhere to these rules can be used within the Centre for a birthday party.  The Centre does have a certified inflatable and a certified operator that is present while being used.  Renters cannot bring in inflatables from home that are not certified.
Private Rental Rates:
Gym: $26.50/hr Multi Purpose Room: $21.50/hr 
Community Based:
Gym: $21.50/hr Multi Purpose Room: $18.50/hr 
Upper Kitchen small meetings $8.00 per hour
Multi Purpose Room Special Day Rate Based on an 8 hour day Monday to Friday:
Community Based: $105.00
Private $130.00 
Jump Tent Party Package: $125.00  Not available due to Covid-19
Gym Party Package: $75.00   

Larger Social Functions in Gym (Weddings, Company  Christmas Parties)  We do not allow adult birthday parties.  
(Based on 8 hours): $300.00 

Rental Policies and Procedures

Community Based Organizations are non-profit groups or organizations that work at a local level to improve the life of residents.  They are groups of individuals organized by and for a particular community of people based on shared interests and/or attributes aimed at bringing about the social well-being of individuals.


Wedding Reception-Gym (Based on 8 hours) 5:00 pm to 1:00 am

$300.00 without a bar / $400.00 with a bar  ((must have 75 or more guests)       

Receptions require a non-refundable deposit of $100.00. There is a limit of 125 people and the gym is only available from September to June.  Use of kitchen facilities is provided at no extra cost. Table/chair setup and take down is provided by NWCC.  Payment in full must be made 2 weeks prior to the event. Cleanup time is provided the morning after the event from 9:30 am to 11:30 am and is the responsibility of the booking.  The Booking is responsible for taking down and cleaning up all decorations and for the cleaning of the tables. NWCC will wash the floor and put tables and chairs away.


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