Social Functions

Social Functions in the Centre are any function over five hours and not exceeding eight hours.  Wedding receptions, anniversaries, family reunions, staff appreciation parties, etc. are considered social functions.  Social functions can only be held from September to June.
1.  All social events require a non-refundable security deposit of $100.00 to be applied to the cost of the rental.

2.  Payment in full must be received 2 weeks prior to the event, cash debit, MasterCard and Visa only.
3.  All events must end by 1am.  The Centre is closed for business between 1 and 8 am.
4.  If Liquor is to be served, a license is required to be obtained by booking.  This will be paid and applied for by the person hosting the event. This license can be obtained from the Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Division. The booking must also obtain Personal Liability Insurance for alcohol (this insurance is provided at a minimal cost) through the Centre's insurance company (this information will be provided to you at time of booking).
5.  The Centre will operate the bar and only liquor listed on the receipt from the Commission will be served.  This is covered by a class 2 license.  ($20)  The bar will be a limited venue offering beer and 1-2 other choices.  No fancy drinks will be offered.  The bar will open no sooner than 5pm and last call will be at midnight with full closure at 12:15 am. 
6.  Alcohol that is required for a toast to be served to a bookings guests must be purchased by the renter.  Renter will be required to obtain a give away liscense and a copy of receipt must be given to the Centre along with the license.  All wines must be brought to the Centre one day before the event and the bar tenders for the Centre will store and serve to the rentals guests at the event.  Excess wine is not allowed.
7.  Liquor licenses must be posted and clearly visible during the entire event.  Receipts must be kept and readily available for showing in case an inspector should visit.
8.  It is expected that bookings and their guests conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.  Anyone whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate and/or offensive will be asked to leave. 
9.  The bartender has the right to refuse serving anyone they feel has consumed too much, causes a disturbance, or appears to be underage.  They will also be evicted from the premises.
10.  It is the bookings responsibility to ensure that their guests do not drink and drive.  Staff will notify the booking if they feel someone is intoxicated and unable to drive.
11.  No person under the age of 19 is to consume alcohol on the premises.  The function will be shut down immediately if this occurs.  A list of all persons under the age of 19 is to be given to staff in the event an inspector should visit.
12.  The North Woodside Community Centre reserves the right to request proof of age when required.  Anyone refusing to provide proof of age will be denied service at the bar.
13.  No alcohol drinks are to be taken outside the premises.  No alchol is permitted within the Centre if not purchased by the Cente.  Smoking is not permitted within the building.  Smokers are to go outside, leaving their drinks inside.  Anyone not in compliance with this rule will be asked to leave. 

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